How To Convert an Address to GPS Coordinates

by Benjamin Aries
GPS coordinates contain a set of numbers that mark an exact point.

GPS coordinates contain a set of numbers that mark an exact point.

Street addresses are a convenient way to identify a location to other people. Devices such as GPS units, however, use a set of numbered coordinates to determine a point. This latitude and longitude number can be useful for many purposes, such as saving the exact location of a geocache or finding a point on a topographical map. Several online apps can quickly convert a normal street address into GPS coordinates.

Use the online MapsEasy app (see Resources) to convert the address. Locate the area marked "Convert Address To Latitude And Longitude." Enter the address and press "Submit." Read the coordinates in the decimal format in the blue area. The same coordinates in degrees, minutes, and seconds are listed in the green area. This is simply a different format of the same location.

Access the GPS Visualizer (see Resources). Type the location in the box labelled "Enter an address." Select either "Yahoo" or "Google" as the source. Results should be similar, but may vary slightly depending on the source used for the conversion. Press "Geocode it." View the decimal longitude and latitude in the results box, or read the alternate minutes format in the bottom area.

Browse to the online Google Maps app (see Resources.) Enter the address in the search field and press the "Search" button with a magnifying glass icon. Right-click the red address marker on the map. Click "What's here?" Read the converted longitude and latitude coordinates that appear in the search box.

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