How to Convert an MP4 File to an MP3 Using a Mac

by Alexander Abbott

An MP4 (MPEG-4) file is used to store digital video and audio recordings. An MP3 file is similar, but only stores digital audio. Converting files from MP4 to MP3 format can be useful if you are trying to extract the audio track from a video or if the software or application that you are working with requires the use of MP3 files. You can quickly and easily make this conversion using Mac software.

How to Convert an MP4 File to an MP3 file on a Mac

Choose your preferred software for converting the MP4 file to an MP3 file. There are many freeware, shareware, and fairly inexpensive software applications that will convert audio from an MP4 video and save it as an MP3 audio file.

Download a file-converting application such as ffmpegX, MP4 Converter for Mac, Emicsoft MP4 Converter, MP4 to MP3 Mac or Video Converter for Mac. These can be found using your favorite search engine. You can also use GarageBand or QuickTime to accomplish this conversion.

Load the MP4 into the software application that you have chosen. Some applications allow you to simply drag the MP4 file into the application window, or may require that you navigate to the "File" menu and choose "Open" or "Import" to browse for the MP4 file.

Find the "export" or "convert" option in the software program, then set the desired output file format settings and the folder in which you wish to save the converted file. Select MP3 and choose your desired bit rate. In GarageBand, you will need to first delete the video track and then navigate to the "Share" menu, where you will find an option to "Export song to disk."

Locate the MP3 file that you converted and double-click it in order to play the file. Make sure that the MP3 does not skip and plays through completely at the desired volume and bit rate. You may need to adjust settings in the conversion software to fix any problems that you hear in the MP3 file.

Items you will need

  • Macintosh computer
  • MP4 file
  • Conversion software

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