How to Convert VOB to Audio

by Jeff Grundy

Many modern desktop and laptop computers include an optical drive, which you can use to view DVD movie discs. In fact, the picture quality provided by computer DVD drives often rivals that of expensive set-top players used in home entertainment systems. With software readily available on the Internet, you can even rip or extract DVD movies from a disc and store them on your hard drive, although doing this can consume a lot of space. DVD discs store movie data in VOB folders on the media. If you only need the audio portion of a DVD movie – from a concert disc, for example – you can use one of many applications or websites to create MP3 or other common audio files from the video.


Zamzar is a free website that allows you to convert hundreds of file types, including video files in VOB folders (link in Resources.) Zamzar requires no registration to use the website, but you must enter your email address to receive a download link for converted files. Using Zamzar to convert VOB files to an audio-only format is as simple as browsing to and selecting the VOB file on your computer, choosing an output format, entering your email address, and then clicking the “Convert” button. Zamar then uploads the video file and converts it to the audio format you selected. Zamzar enables conversion of VOB files to commonly used audio formats including AC3, MP3, OGG and WAV. The free Zamzar service limits the size of files you can convert to 100MB. However, if you purchase a membership plan, you can convert larger files as well as multiple files at once.

VLC Media Player

Millions of users around the world use VLC Media Player as an alternative to Windows Media Player or Winamp because it is open source and supports playback of virtually any type of video file without installing third-party codecs. Many of these users don’t realize that when they download VLC, they are also getting a very powerful video conversion tool. With VLC, converting a video file from one format to another simply requires that you save the file as a different file type. The same applies if you want to save a VOB file in an audio-only format. Just click “Media,” then “Save/Convert” on the menu bar, and then click the “Add” button. Browse to the VOB file you want to convert, select an audio format such as MP3 or WAV as the Convert/Save type, enter a filename for the audio file and click “Start.” VLC converts the DVD movie file from the selected VOB folder automatically with the filename and format you selected.

Aurora Video Converter

Aurora Video Converter is another free video conversion tool that allows you to download videos from sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, Nico and Google Videos (download link in Resources.) Aurora Video Converter supports conversion of most common video types into an audio format. Using Aurora Video Converter to convert VOB movie files to MP3 format involves simply dragging and dropping the VOB files into the conversion window or clicking the “Add Video” button and browsing to the video file to convert. After selecting the VOB file, right-click its filename, then select an audio format on the pop-up menu. Aurora Video Converter lets you convert VOB movies files to MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC or WMA audio formats. After you select the output audio format, click the “Convert” button. Depending on the size of the video file and the audio track within, Aurora Video Converter converts the file to the selected audio format in just a minute or two.

Jodix Free Video MP3 Extractor

The Jodix Free Video MP3 Extractor does not support multiple output formats like some other programs, but it extracts audio files from DVD movies and converts them to MP3 format very quickly (download link in Resources.) Free Video MP3 Extractor is also one of the few free conversion utilities that allows you to convert selected portions of a VOB file instead of requiring that you convert the entire audio track in a movie. You can choose to convert any portion of the audio track of a movie for any duration. Of course, you can convert the entire track if you choose to do so. To convert a VOB file to MP3 in the application, simply click the “Source” button and select the file to convert; then choose an output file name and destination folder. Click the “Extract” button and a few seconds later, the new MP3 file appears in the folder you selected.

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