How to Copy Cell Phone Memory to an SD Card

by Jaime Avelar

Copy your cell phone memory to an SD card as backup in case you lose your cell phone data. Most cell phones have the capability of storing data in memory cards in addition to their internal memory. But many cell phone users find it problematic to backup to their SD card from the cell phone itself. The best way to accomplish this task is by using a personal computer.

Navigate to the website of your cell phone maker and download the application needed to establish a connection between your cell phone and your PC. These applications are similar to Nokia Ovi Suite, which helps you transfer content between a Nokia mobile phone and your PC.

Establish a connection to your cell phone, and transfer all data contents to a personal folder in your PC. Insert your SD card to the computer's built-in memory reader. If your computer doesn't have a built-in memory card reader, then you need to buy a memory card reader device. A memory card reader has the capabilities of reading different SD cards using a simple USB connection.

Navigate to the personal folder where you saved your cell phone data. Copy the folder by pressing "Ctrl" and "C" on your keyboard. Navigate to the SD card drive and create a new folder called "Cell Phone Memory." Paste the folder to the SD card by pressing "Ctrl" and "V" on your keyboard.

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  • Memory card reader

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