How to Copy a List From a Facebook Event

by Steve Lander

Facebook's Events tool lets you share your events with as many or as few people in the social network as you wish, but it doesn't make it easy for you to use your RSVP list outside of Facebook. As of the date of publication, Facebook offers no feature to let you export the list or otherwise use it. However, by copy and pasting the list into a spreadsheet, you can copy it as well as clean it up so that it is more useful.

Capturing From Facebook

Open your Web browser and log in to your Facebook account.

Open a spreadsheet program with a blank window.

Click the "Events" link in the Favorites section of the left pane of the screen.

Click the event whose list you want to capture.

Click the link to the list you want to capture in the left pane. Your choices will include some or all of the following: Going, Maybe, Invited, Declined.

Highlight the entire list, then press CTRL+C to copy it.

Excel and OpenOffice

Hold down CTRL+V to paste the list into the spreadsheet. You should see a mixture of names and words, some of which are underlined and blue, and thumbnail pictures. If this is adequate, you can save your spreadsheet now. However, the rest of this process will clean the list to make it more useful.

Click and hold your mouse pointer as you drag over the column headers for columns B through E and highlight them. Press the "Delete" key. This will clear out the extraneous data and leave you with names and pictures.

Click the column header for column A, highlighting it. Press CTRL+C to select it.

Press CTRL+N to create a new workbook.

Right-click in cell A and select "Paste Values." In Excel, look for the option under Paste Values that has a document with a plain "123" in it. In OpenOffice, right-click, select "Paste Special," select "Unformatted Text" and then click "OK." If you get a list of choices after you click "Paste Special," uncheck everything other than "Text" and then click "OK."

Highlight column A by clicking its header.

Sort the list and remove the blank rows by clicking "Data," "Sort" and then "OK." In OpenOffice, you may also need to delete some blank lines above the list by highlighting their rows, right-clicking and selecting "Delete Rows."

Google Docs

Click in cell A1 of the spreadsheet.

Press CTRL+V to paste the list into the spreadsheet. It will come through as a single column with names, workplaces or networks, and blank space. If the list is adequate as is, save the file.

Click on any information other than names and press the "Delete" key on your keyboard. You will gradually clean your document of extraneous information doing this.

Click the header above column A to highlight the entire column.

Click "Data," then click "Sort sheet by column A, A --> Z." This will sort your sheet so that all of the names rise to the top, sorted by the first name. Save your finished list.

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