How to Copy Music to a Mobile Phone as an MP3

by Kathryn Hatter

Having a collection of your favorite songs on your mobile phone is something more and more people are discovering. When you have music on your mobile phone, your phone instantly becomes a personal audio player in addition to its communication capabilities. While there is no standard procedure for copying music to a mobile phone that will work for every phone, when you understand the basics of the process, you should be able to successfully figure out how to place your favorite songs on your mobile phone. The process begins with MP3s on your computer.

Convert any music files you want to transfer to MP3 format if they are not already saved as MP3s. To do this, you need a file converter that accepts both the original file type and MP3s. If your computer does not have one installed, you can use a free online converter such as Mediaconverter to create MP3s from other file formats.

Connect your mobile phone to your computer, either with a USB cable or by using a Bluetooth connection. Turn your mobile phone on. Check your computer after you have connected your mobile phone to ensure your computer recognizes that you have connected the device.

Locate the MP3s on your computer and locate your mobile phone on your computer as a mobile device or a removable drive.

Drag and drop the MP3 files from their location on your computer to the icon that represents your phone. Alternatively, you may use the utility program that accompanied your phone for transferring files between your computer and phone.

Disconnect your mobile phone from your computer. Open your mobile phone's music player and search for the MP3s on your phone. They will either be in a music file directly on your phone or on your external memory card.


  • If your mobile phone has a slot for expansion memory and you have a memory card, you can transfer MP3s directly from your computer to the memory card instead of connecting your phone to your computer. Follow the method above to transfer the MP3s to the memory card, and then place the memory card into the expansion slot of your phone.
  • Many phones allow you to purchase and download MP3s directly onto your mobile phone. Search your mobile phone's capabilities to find the built-in procedure for installing MP3s directly. This tends to be an expensive method for placing MP3s on a mobile phone.

Items you will need

  • Mobile phone
  • Computer
  • USB cable or Bluetooth connection
  • Memory card (optional)


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