How to Create a Birthday Calendar on My Facebook Page

by John Arkontaky

Whether it's your spouse, parent, sibling, lifelong friend or boss, there are few moments as embarrassing as missing that special somebody’s birthday. On Facebook, however, you can use the Events calendar or a birthday-reminder app that will remind you about all of your friends’ upcoming special days.

Calendars and Apps

The Events calendar in your Facebook account is in your Favorites sidebar. It neatly lists upcoming birthdays and other events, and you can easily create an event to add to the calendar. As of August 2013, Birthday Calendar by Davia has over 100,000 monthly users, and offers a tidy interface to view birthdays and add friends to your calendar. With over 50,000 monthly users, American Greetings Birthday Calendar adds e-cards and virtual gifts to its calendar. Birthdays, by K-Factor Media, is a straightforward app that helps over 100,000 Facebook users to remember birthdays.

Adding Friends

A birthday calendar wouldn't be much use without friends on it. One of the first things an app does is ask for permission to look at your current Facebook friends list so it can put together a birthday calendar. The Events calendar offered by Facebook, however, already has access to this information. If you don't want an app to have access to your personal information, or if you don't want all of your contacts' birthdays to be included in the calendar, you can manually add contacts to your calendar from within the app.

Birthday Reminders

If you’re worried about checking your birthday calendar app every day so that you don't miss a birthday, you can turn on reminders in an app’s settings. Doing this enables your birthday calendar app to send a message to your Notifications feed. Typically, notifications are turned on by default, but if you want to rely solely on the calendar, you can turn off Notifications in an app's settings.

Configuring Your Calendar

From your app manager, you can change several calendar settings. For example, you can set the app as a “favorite,” which makes it display at the top of your Facebook page’s sidebar. You can also change the visibility of your app, restrict what data your app extracts from your profile and the profiles of your friends, and change notification settings as well.

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