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by Tom Ianello
Fiber-optic cables transfer data by using pulses of light for maximum speed and quality.

Fiber-optic cables transfer data by using pulses of light for maximum speed and quality.

FiOS TV is one component of a home communications service offered by Verizon. Verizon FiOS, which stands for Fiber Optic Service, is a collection of Internet, television and telephone services that are delivered to your home by way of a high-speed fiber-optic cable network. Each service can be subscribed to individually or bundled together for a discounted subscription cost.


Verizon's FiOS television service offers many benefits over conventional cable or satellite television services. Due to the speed of the fiber-optic network, FiOS can provide high-definition television signals for better quality viewing on your HDTV. Additionally, because the fiber-optic cables are buried underground, they aren't susceptible to being damaged by trees or power lines falling over in high winds and interference from heavy cloud cover or severe storms, which cable or satellite television can be, giving you an uninterrupted signal.

Additional Features

When paired with the FiOS Internet service, your television viewing experience can be supplemented with an interactive media guide, access to Facebook or Twitter through your television set and on-screen weather and traffic alerts. Another Internet-enabled feature included with FiOS television service is the ability to control your Digital Video Recorder from anywhere you have Internet access, as well as viewing your favorite shows on your desktop or laptop computer.


There are many types of plans available for Verizon FiOS television service. If you would like to sign up for just the television service, there are three plans available as of May 2011. The Prime HD Plan is $64.99 per month for the first year and comes with over 195 channels. The Extreme HD Plan costs $74.99 per month for the first year and includes over 285 channels. Lastly, the Ultimate HD Plan offers more than 350 channels for $89.99 per month for the first year. All three plans include a premium installation for free and can be purchased with either a two-year contract or a no-term contract. In addition, the activation fee is waived if purchased online.


While it is not yet available in all areas, FiOS television is available in many major cities and areas of high population. As of May, 2011, Verizon offers FiOS service in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington, and is planning on expanding coverage to all 28 states where Verizon currently provides landline telephone service. Potential customers can check availability in their areas on Verizon's website.

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