How to Delete an Exchange 2003 Mailbox

by Suvro Banerji

As an administrator, you can delete a mailbox on Microsoft Exchange Server if it is unused or corrupted. This will free up some storage memory in your server to add new mailboxes or contact lists. Please note that when you delete a mailbox from Exchange 2003, it is not immediately removed permanently from the server. It stays there for 30 days; this time is known as the "mailbox retention period." After 30 days, the mailbox is deleted permanently from the Exchange server.

Click on Start and select "Administrative Tools." Note that you will need to log on to an administrative computer to access these tools. Select "Active Directory of Users and Computers." You will see a list of users who are registered on your server.

Right-click on the user whose mailbox you want to delete. Select "Exchange Tasks." This opens a new wizard.

Click on "Next" when you see the "Welcome" screen.

Click on the "Delete Mailbox" button. Click on "Next."

Review the mailbox details to make sure you are deleting the right mailbox. Hit "Next." Click on "Finish" to end the task.

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