How to Delete Songs From an Unlocked iPhone

by Jeff Grundy
With newer iPhones, you no longer need a computer and USB cable to delete music.

With newer iPhones, you no longer need a computer and USB cable to delete music.

The Apple iPhone is much more than a cell phone; it’s a mobile mini-computer that you can use to send email and text messages, surf the Web, chat via voice or video, and even listen to your favorite tunes. Like other Apple portable devices such as the iPad and iPod, older iPhone versions required that you use iTunes to manage music libraries on the device. This is true of iPhones with iOS version 4 or older installed – whether unlocked or tied to a particular wireless provider account. For earlier model iPhones, you must still use your computer and a USB cable to add or delete music tracks; but starting with models with iOS5 installed, iPhone owners can delete songs directly from the phone.

iOS 4 and Earlier iPhones

Launch iTunes on the computer and then connect the iPhone to the computer with the USB cable. Wait a few seconds for iTunes to detect the iPhone and display a link to it under the Devices header.

Click the iPhone’s device name under the Devices header, then click “Music” at the top of the iPhone device page.

Enable the “Sync Music” option, and then uncheck the “Sync Entire Music Library” option. Select all of the albums or tracks you want to sync or leave on the iPhone. Do not select the tracks or albums you want to delete from the iPhone.

Click the “Sync” button and wait for iTunes to synchronize albums and songs between your phone and the computer. ITunes deletes songs or albums from the iPhone that you do not select before syncing the devices.

Close iTunes and disconnect the USB cable.

iPhones with iOS 5 Installed

Tap “Home” to return to the main menu screen.

Tap “Music” and then scroll down to the album or music track you want to delete.

Swipe your finger to the right across the name of the album or track you want to delete. A “Delete” button appears as well as a prompt asking you to confirm this action. Tap the “Delete” button to delete the selected album or track from your iPhone.

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