How to Disable Popup Ads

by Chad Buleen

A pop-up ad is a small ad that opens during a web browsing session without the user choosing to open it. Pop-ups most-commonly open when another page opens. Since pop-up ads can be annoying, most web browsers include a pop-up blocker. Because browsers operate in different ways, the method to turn on the pop-up blocker depends on the browser being used. Three of the most commonly used browsers that have integrated pop-up blockers include Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Internet Explorer

Click the "Start" button on your desktop and click "Internet Explorer" in the menu that appears. Internet Explorer will open.

Click the "Tools" button. A list will appear that includes the "Pop-up Blocker" option. Click that option.

Click "Turn On Pop-up Blocker." Pop-up ads in Internet Explorer now will be disabled.


Double-click the "Firefox" icon on your computer's desktop. The Firefox web browser will open.

Click the "Tools" menu at the top of the page and select "Options."

Click "Content." A new panel will appear.

Click the box next to "Block pop-up windows." Click "OK." You have now disabled pop-up ads in Firefox.


Click the "Safari" icon in your Mac computer's dock. The Safari browser window will open.

Click the "Safari" menu at the top-left of the page. A list of menu items will appear.

Click "Block Pop-Up Windows." You now have disabled pop-up ads in Safari.

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