How to Dispose of Television Sets

by David Lipscomb

Your shiny new flat panel looks fantastic over your fireplace. The problem now is disposing of the recently replaced, ages-old behemoth sitting on your living room floor. The 2009 digital broadcast conversion as well as the years leading up to orphaned many older televisions, many of which were not properly decommissioned. Local municipalities have specific rules on disposal, normally depending on specific recycling protocols. Services, retailers and manufacturers all have provisions in place to handle removal and disposal of your unused set. Or, if you're not in the mood to throw away that old TV, maybe a console fish tank or planter is in your immediate future.

The Problem

Cathode-ray tube televisions often employ mercury, lead and other potentially harmful chemicals. These components were useful for constructing CRT TVs, but if the set is simply thrown into a landfill, they eventually leach into and contaminate the soil. If your local waste-management company encourages you to leave your old set on the curb, then tosses it in a landfill, pollution results.

Manufacturer Support

Major electronics manufacturers offer support for their specific brands to be recycled in varying ways. Whether partnering with local recycling facilities catering to their brand or accepting mailed-in products, these brands guarantee proper disposal. Some major retailers offer the service as well, accepting a limited number of items per day. Although it's easier just to dump an old set by your driveway, avail yourself of these options to make proper disposal easier. Look on the websites of major TV manufacturers to determine what items may be disposed of where.

Third-Party Services

Multiple services await your call to make disposal of your old heavy set their problem. Very often, the primary limitation for disposing large and heavy objects are the weight and logistical issues encountered from the item's bulk. These companies handle removal of your old TVs and other junk, setting an appointment in advance. Using these services removes yet another hurdle in proper disposal of your older CRT, plasma or other TV.

Alternate Uses

For many, removing an item from regular rotation presents an opportunity for repurposing. Creative options for your old television include aquariums, a retro housing for a new flat panel or a planter box. Gutting the television and using the cabinet as a bar or bookcase are also options. Explore the Internet to look for inspiring ideas for recycling the old boob tube, while maintaining a high degree of utility.

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