DOD Recommended Anti-Virus Program

by Kevin Lee

While the nation's security may rest in the hands of the military, the military's computer security rests in the lines of code that exist in software that protects those computers. The United States Department of Defense selected McAfee, a software company, to provide security solutions to keep computers in the army, navy and other military services secure. The DOD isn't in the business of endorsing software products for consumer use, but you may like to know McAfee is the Pentagon's choice for anti-virus protection.

DOD McAfee Deal

Malicious programs, such as worms and Trojan horses, may not only destroy data, but they can steal information and make it available to criminals and hackers. These types of security breaches can be catastrophic if they help intruders obtain sensitive government information. The DOD, which has the largest private network on Earth, has millions of computers to secure from malware infiltration. While many security companies sell products that protect computers from malicious software, the DOD signed a multiyear deal with McAfee to provide software to secure DOD computers and networks.

McAfee Products Protection

McAfee doesn't provide a single security solution to the DOD; computers, networks and applications often require different security strategies. McAfee, for instance, has an Application Control and Change Control white-listing technologies that the DOD added to its Unified Capabilities Approved Products List. The UC APL list only contains products that passed the DOD's rigorous testing standards. McAfee's Application Control white-listing technology helps protect systems from "advanced persistent security threats," according to McAfee's product description.

Consumer Use

McAfee, like Norton, is a well-known name that computer users may recognize even if they don’t own McAfee software. If you’d like to use the same security applications the DOD uses to secure its systems, visit McAfee’s Promotion Web page and review its products. Total Protection 2013, Internet Security 2013 and Antivirus Plus 2013 are three popular McAfee applications the company offers. While their prices and features may differ, they all share some features that keep computers secure. For instance, they all have Vulnerability Scanners that make it difficult for hackers to find holes in your browser or Windows. All three programs also protect you from malicious ads that criminals may place on websites.

Purchasing Tips

It’s wise to compare features as well as price when choosing a program to protect your computer. Do that by reviewing product features side-by-side in a table such as the one on McAfee’s Promotion page. For instance, by looking at that table you will see that McAfee's AntiVirus Plus 2013 does not protect you from email threats and spam. The other two products do. McAfee Total Protection 2013. By identifying your security needs, you can select a program that fits your price range and has only the features you need to protect your computer.

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