How To Download Waypoints Into a GPS Garmin

by David Lipscomb
Save your favorite waypoints on both your Garmin GPS and your computer.

Save your favorite waypoints on both your Garmin GPS and your computer.

Garmin GPS units allow you to save and upload key points of interest, known as "waypoints." These locations can be favorite restaurants, important highway exits, shopping centers and hotels. They are uploaded to the GPS unit via BaseCamp, Garmin's GPS device management software. Using the Garmin USB data cable, you can save those locations you'd love to visit again directly to your Garmin GPS unit, in addition to your computer.

Plug your Garmin GPS unit into your computer, using the USB data cable.

Click on the BaseCamp icon on your desktop or system tray to open the software.

Look for the name of your Garmin unit in BaseCamp under the Device header.

Click on the name of your saved waypoint. Click "Edit" then "Send To" in BaseCamp. Click on the name of your GPS unit.

Alternately, drag and drop the waypoint from the list section of BaseCamp directly into the Garmin GPS unit's folder.

Items you will need

  • Garmin GPS USB cable
  • Garmin BaseCamp software

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