How to Edit Word Documents on iPhones

by Spanner Spencer

Applications and services that allow you to edit Microsoft Word documents directly from your iPhone are plentiful. Each has its own set of features, benefits and limitations, so choosing the correct one for your needs may require testing different apps to find the most suitable. While most provide you with document-editing options, consideration should also be given to functions such as cloud storage, text formatting, collaboration and offline accessibility.


Launch the Pages app on your iPhone by tapping its icon on the Home screen.

Tap a Word document's thumbnail to open it.

Tap within the document to begin editing. The on-screen keyboard appears, allowing you to enter text or edit existing text. Pages automatically saves your work as you type, negating the need to manually save your edited Word documents.

Documents To Go

Launch the Documents To Go app on your iPhone and navigate to a Word document you want to edit.

Tap the document to open it at full screen.

Tap within the document to position the cursor and begin editing.

Tap the File menu, which is identified by an icon of a box with a white arrow in its center and tap the "Save" button when you've finished editing.

Google Docs

Launch your iPhone's Web browser application and navigate to the Google Docs page.

Enter your Google account username and password if requested and then tap the "Sign In" button. A list of files stored in your Google Docs account is displayed.

Tap a Word document to open it at full screen. Tap the "Edit" button in the menu across the top of the document.

Tap within the document's text to place the cursor and begin editing. The on-screen keyboard appears when document editing is active.

Tap the "Save" button when you've finished editing. The edited Word document is saved to your Google Docs account.


  • Select a word processing app -- such as Pages or Documents To Go -- from the "Apps" section in the iTunes "Apps" tab and then drag and drop Word documents into the "Documents" box to transfer them to your iPhone during synchronization.
  • Tap the attachment button in a message to download an emailed Word document and open it in a compatible word processing app.
  • Google Docs requires an Internet connection to open and save files but allows you to edit previously opened files while offline.
  • Documents To Go can be synced to your Google Docs and Dropbox accounts, allowing you to store your files online and access them from any computer or compatible device.
  • Google Docs can also be accessed using the official Google and Google Drive apps for iPhone.
  • Although you can manually save a Word document at any time, Google Docs automatically saves your edits as you type, as long as an Internet connection is available. Any offline edits you make to a Word document are saved next time an Internet connection is available, if you don't close the current Web browser tab or the document before it uploads.

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