How to Do an eMachines System Recovery

by Jeff Grundy
Perform an eMachines system recovery to erase personal data if you plan to give the computer away.

Perform an eMachines system recovery to erase personal data if you plan to give the computer away.

In a perfect world, viruses or malware wouldn't exist and Windows would never crash. However, bad software does exist and causes Windows not only to crash or display blue-screen error messages, but also to fail booting in some cases. If your eMachines computer becomes infected or corrupted due to viruses, malware or faulty programs, repair or anti-virus utilities may not be able to help. If this occurs, your only real choice may be to start over and restore the computer's settings and software to their factory defaults. The eMachines system recovery utility enables you to erase a corrupted Windows installation completely and reinstall the original.

Log out of Windows and shut down the computer. If using a notebook, connect the AC power adapter to the laptop before continuing.

Power the computer on again. As soon as the eMachines company logo appears on the monitor or laptop screen, press the left "Alt" key and "F10" simultaneously. If the Windows boot screen appears on your display, press the "Enter" key to bypass it.

Click "Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults" in the Acer eRecovery Management window; Acer owns and distributes the eMachines brand. Read the warning in the Notice window that informs you all information on the drive will be lost if you continue with the recovery, and then click "Next."

Click the "Next" button again after the Restore Destination screen appears, and then click "OK" Confirmation window. Wait for the Acer eRecovery Management software to reformat your Windows system partition and reinstall Windows and all of the original software that came preinstalled on your eMachines computer. During the recovery process, the computer may reboot several times.

Click the "Restart" button if prompted, or wait a few seconds for the machine to reboot and continue with the recovery process automatically. After the utility finishes installing needed files, the computer reboots again and displays the Windows Setup screen.

Follow the prompts on the Windows Setup screens to personalize the operating system installation on your eMachines system. When presented with the Windows logon screen, log in with the username and password you entered during Windows Setup.

Copy any files you backed up to CD or an external hard drive to the computer after you finish recovering the system. Install other programs as needed and use the computer normally.


  • Use an external USB hard drive to back up your important data and user files or burn them to DVD if you can boot into Windows.
  • Depending on your system configuration, the recovery process may take about an hour. A progress bar on the screen informs you of the progress of the recovery and displays an estimate of how long the recovery will take to complete.


  • Using the Acer eRecovery Management utility to restore your eMachines computer to factory default settings erases all data on the hard drive.

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