How to Enter Intersections Into a GPS

by Benjamin Aries

Most automotive GPS units are used for driving to a specific address or point of interest. Sometimes, however, it is useful to navigate to a cross street. An intersection can be a convenient landmark, and is sometimes easier to use than a full street address. For security reasons, you might wish to enter a nearby intersection as your home instead of your actual street address, in case your unit is stolen. Most modern GPS units allow users to enter to streets and navigate to an intersection.

Using a Magellan GPS

Turn on the GPS unit and press the "Enter Address" icon on the main menu. Tap the "Intersection" button, which is marked with a green street sign icon.

Enter the name of the city where the intersection occurs. Press "OK." A list of results appears. Tap the correct street from the list.

Type the name of the second street and press "OK." The Magellan shows the matching streets. Tap the correct intersecting street from the list. If no results appear, press the "Back" icon and enter a different intersecting street.

Select the preferred routing method, such as "Fastest Time" or "Shortest Distance." Press the orange "Calculate Route" icon. Follow the GPS navigation instructions to the destination.

Using a Garmin GPS

Add the intersection shortcut to the Garmin. Tap the "Where To" button from the main screen. Press "Add Shortcut" and select "Intersections." This only needs to be enabled on the device the first time you search for an intersection.

Return to the main screen and press "Where To." Choose "Intersections." Select the state where the intersection is located. Type the name of the first street, and tap "Next." Select the correct street from the list, if multiple results appear.

Enter the second street name and press "Next." Choose the correct street from the list, if more than one result appears. If there are no results, press the "Back" button and enter a different location. Tap the "Go" button to navigate to the intersection.

Using a TomTom

Tap the screen to show the main menu. Press "Navigate To," and then select "Address."

Select "Cross Street or Intersection." Type the name of the city, and tap the correct city name from the list.

Enter the name of the first street. Tap the correct name when it is shown on the list. Type the second street, and select it from the list.

Choose whether or not you need to arrive at a specific time. Press "Done" to navigate to the intersection.

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