How to Enter a Recurring Bimonthly Appointment in Google Calendar

by Avery Martin

A bimonthly event can occur twice per month or every two months. Either way, you can create events and set the appointment to repeat at a specific interval using the Google Calendar. When creating a new event in your calendar, you can set advanced options to make it repeat on a set schedule. Bimonthly events can save you time since the details for the initial event are automatically copied to all events in the series. To create an event that occurs twice per month, you must use a workaround and create two instances of the event that occur monthly.

Access the Google Calendar website (link in Resources), and select the "Create" button. If you want to edit an existing event, select the event and click the "Edit Event Details."

Check the "Repeat..." box.

Click the "Repeats" drop-down list and select "Monthly" to repeat every two months. Choose the "Repeats Every "X" Weeks" drop-down field and select the number "2." If you want to repeat the event twice per month, enter the number "1."

Select the option to repeat on the same "Day of the Month" or "Day of the Week."

Input the first date that the event should occur on in the "Starts On:" field.

Choose an option from the Ends section to define when the event ends. You can choose to never end the event, end it after a certain number of occurrences or end on a specific date. Select "Done."

Provide a name for the event in the "Untitled Event" field. Complete any remaining fields that apply to your event and click "Save."

Select the first instance of the event in the Calendar and click the "Edit Event" link, if you want to make the event occur twice per month instead of bimonthly. Click the "More Actions" drop-down list and select the "Duplicate Event" option. Change the start date to the second date in the month that the event should occur on and click the "Save" button.


  • The event you create repeats on the same day each month. You can modify the date of individual appointments without changing other events in the series, if needed. You might need to do this to account for holidays and other exceptions.


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