What Is Evernote Good For?

by David Nield

Part of the power of Evernote lies in its flexibility: the note-taking tool can capture and organize your files, notes, scribblings, audio recordings, photos, Web links and more besides. How you collect and collate this information is largely up to you, and through its Web-based interface, mobile apps and desktop clients you can get at your files from any of your machines.

Essays and Research

Evernote lets you save content from all across the Web using its Web clipper extensions. You can save images, text and entire Web pages, so if you're working on an essay or need to do some research for whatever reason, Evernote is a useful way of keeping all of your source information together. With the cloud sync included with Evernote's mobile and desktop applications, you can access your research files from whichever device you happen to be using, while the tagging feature lets you keep everything organized in categories.

Making Lists

Evernote notes can include to do lists complete with check boxes; whether you want to keep a list of items to get at the grocery store or an itinerary of places to visit on a holiday trip, Evernote can help out. You can tick off items as necessary, and even set up timely reminders to make sure you don't forget to tackle the items on your list. Alternatively you can use Evernote to create a growing list rather than one that needs to be ticked off: this might be a list of ideas for a project, a list of people to contact or a "wish list" of movies to watch.

Scanning Documents

Evernote's mobile apps (available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone) let you digitize physical documents and store them in your Evernote account. Contracts, receipts, bills, statements and more can be scanned into Evernote and the app will push them through an optical character recognition process. This makes the text within your images searchable. The tag and notebook tools built into Evernote help you to organize your digital documents further, turning Evernote into a virtual filing cabinet.

Keeping a Journal

With its ability to combine text, images, audio and video, Evernote is a suitable tool for keeping a journal. This could be a standard diary-style record of day-to-day happenings, a log of your adventures on holiday or a record of a hobby or work project. Evernote's mobile apps can play a useful role here, letting you capture text, audio and video on the move, and there are social sharing tools built into the Evernote interface that enable you to share notes through Facebook, Twitter and Web links. Evernote notes have time stamps associated with them, so you can easily see your entries in chronological order.


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