How to Export Contacts From Facebook

by Theon Weber

At the time of this article, Facebook provides no official method for exporting the email addresses and phone numbers of your Facebook friends in a format that can be read by other database or email programs. However, there is a legal workaround: by connecting your Facebook account to a Yahoo! Address Book account, you can import contact information from Facebook to Yahoo!, then export the Yahoo! data as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, readable in almost any database program. All you need for this is a Facebook account; you won't have to sign up separately with Yahoo!.

Go to and click the "Facebook" button. Log in with your Facebook email and password, if prompted. You won't have to create a separate Yahoo! account; the site will use your Facebook sign-in data.

Click the "Allow" button when the screen requesting access to your Facebook information appears. (You can easily cancel this access later, after you've exported your contacts.) Follow the on-screen instructions until your Yahoo! Address Book account appears.

Click "Import From Facebook" and follow the on-screen instructions until all your Facebook friends have been imported into the Yahoo! Address Book.

Follow the link in "Resources," then click the "Yahoo! CSV" button and follow the instructions to download a CSV file of your contact information.

Open the CSV file in almost any database program, including Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and many email address book interfaces.

Remove the access privileges you granted the Yahoo application, if you want. Log into Facebook, click "Account," "Privacy Settings," "Edit Your Settings" under "Apps and Websites," "Yahoo," then finally "Remove App."

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