Why My Facebook Picture Has the Red X

by Melly Parker

When Facebook replaces photos with a red X icon, you're prevented from seeing the content you want to access. While the fault may lie with Facebook, it's as likely that the problem is due to the settings on your computer. Before contacting Facebook support to see why the images were removed, attempt to access the images with different programs and settings to ensure the issue isn't on your end.


When the red X icon appears on a Facebook photo, it means the image file cannot be located. The picture may have been removed or your computer may be experiencing trouble accessing the location where it's stored. The connection between your modem and Facebook's servers may also be at fault. Since there's no test to determine exactly what the problem is, trial and error is your best bet of resolving the problem.

Test Image

To determine whether the problem is with your browser, Microsoft says to right-click the empty space where the image should be and then click "Show Photo." If the image still doesn't appear, it's a sign that the image was moved to a different URL or removed from Facebook. If that's the case and the photo is one that you uploaded, try putting it on the site again as long as it didn't violate any of Facebook's guidelines or the terms of service.


If the problem is being caused by the browser you're using, install another browser and use that to access Facebook. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera are all available for free online. You can also re-install your original browser and see if changes to your settings are behind the red X icons appearing on Facebook images.


Privacy settings, the type of connection and the protection on your computer can also prevent images from being displayed. Before trying more complicated procedures, clear your history and cookies, and then see if you can view the pictures. If not consider disabling protections like Tracking Protection or ActiveX Filtering; if they're applied to Facebook, they can prevent some images from showing. Change your Tracking Protection status under "Tools" and adjust ActiveX Filtering from the "Filter" button.

Facebook Account Security

The type of security on your Facebook connection can affect what you can or can't see on the site. If you have always-on HTTPS browsing enables, navigate to your account settings and turn it off. Log out of Facebook and then log back in; once you're connected via the HTTP protocol, try viewing the image again. HTTPS is a safer way to browse Facebook and is especially useful if you access the site from public computers, but it may slow pages from loading and many third-party apps aren't yet supported on HTTPS.

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