How to Filter Websites Using Belkin N Wireless Router

by Steve McDonnell

Belkin Wireless N routers include a parental control feature that enables you to block websites that could harm your computer. You can also block websites that engage in phishing or scams or that contain objectionable content. The feature uses Norton Safe Web to filter websites into several categories. To use the feature, you must keep the default domain name service, or DNS, addresses and you can't connect to the Internet using a virtual private network or proxy server.

Launch a browser, type "http://router" into the address bar and press "Enter" to access the router's setup screens. Click "Login," enter the username and password for the router and click "Submit."

Click "Website Filters" under the Parental Controls section from the menu in the left column of the screen.

Click the first radio button labeled, "Block Malicious, Adult and other non-family friendly sites." This will block websites that have malware; sites that engage in phishing or scam sites; websites that contain sexually-explicit, mature or abortion-related subjects; websites that include content about alcohol, tobacco, gambling or drugs; websites that contain information about cults or crime; and websites with a focus on hate, suicide or violence.

Click the second radio button labeled, "Block malicious and adult sites," to block sites with malware, sites created for phishing and websites that have sexually-explicit content.

Click the third radio button labeled, "Block malicious sites," to filter sites with malware, phishing sites and sites that are considered scam sites.

Click "Apply Changes" to save your changes.


  • You may need to clear your browser's cache and cookies to activate the filters. Submit suggestions of websites to filter at the Norton Safe Web website.

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