How To Find GPS Position

by Marissa Robert
Satellites can determine your latitude and longitude to within a few feet of your exact position.

Satellites can determine your latitude and longitude to within a few feet of your exact position.

The Global Positioning System or GPS uses satellites positioned over the earth to triangulate the position of your GPS device on the surface. There are many options for GPS services that help you determine your own location and give you directions to other places. You can use any device, including GPS locators, cell phones and tablets, to find your GPS position. You only need an open view of the sky. You can also get the latitude and longitude coordinates of any location on earth using your computer.

Get your latitude and longitude coordinates from Google Maps. Navigate your Web browser to Google Maps and enter your address or location in the search bar. Right-click the "A" on the map and click "What's Here?" The latitude and longitude of that location appear in the search box.

Show your location on Google Earth with your latitude and longitudinal coordinates. Launch Google Earth on your computer or mobile device. Enter your address or location in the search bar and hit Enter. Click the "View" menu and click Lat/Lon Grid. It shows your latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates when the white grid appears. Zoom in to make them more precise. You can also enter your coordinates into the search bar to bring up a location.

Find your latitude and longitude with your GPS unit. Power on your GPS unit in an open area without a roof and allow it to lock on to your location. On a TomTom, tap "Navigate to" and tap "Latitude Longitude." On a Garmin, the pointer in the Map Page always shows the latitude and longitude.

Check your GPS location on a smartphone. An Android phone has several app options like Latitude and Longitude, GPS Compass Map and Compass 360 Free, all available for free in the Play Store. The iPhone also has several apps for determining your position like Commander Compass Lite, Current Altitude Free and Free GPS, all available in the App Store for free.

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