What Does a GPS Simulator Do on a Nuvi?

by Steve McDonnell
Pretend your're driving a route with the Nuvi's Simulator mode.

Pretend your're driving a route with the Nuvi's Simulator mode.

When you're not using the Nuvi to navigate a trip but you want to use its other features, switch to GPS Simulator mode. The GPS Simulator turns off satellite tracking to preserve battery power while you plan for an upcoming trip or so you can use the Nuvi to place and receive hands-free calls. In Simulator mode, the Nuvi simulates a trip by moving an avatar through a route at a speed it determines based on your actual driving habits.

Preserving Battery Power

Tracking your actual position against GPS satellites consumes battery power on the Nuvi. When you can't receive satellite signals or don't need to track your current position against satellites, place the Nuvi in GPS Simulator mode. GPS Simulator turns off satellite tracking so you don't use battery power unnecessarily and gives you access to other Nuvi features such as hands-free calling and trip planning. When the Nuvi determines you are in a location where it can't receive GPS signals, it will prompt you to enter GPS Simulator mode to preserve battery power.

Turning On and Off

Manually turn GPS Simulator mode on or off using the Nuvi's menu system. Turn the GPS Simulator on by selecting "Settings | System | GPS Simulator | On." Return to satellite capability by using the same menu selections and selecting "Off" for GPS Simulator. While you're in simulator mode, the Nuvi displays a red "X" over the signal strength indicator bars.

Planning a Trip

Use the GPS Simulator mode when you're planning a trip to discover the best route to take and estimate the length of the trip. After placing the Nuvi in simulation mode, return to the home screen. Locate the starting point for your trip and press "Set Location." Locate the ending point of your trip using one of the "Where To?" features and press "Go." Watch the Nuvi avatar as it moves through the route it determines as the best path to take on your trip.

Simulating Speed

When you use the Nuvi to navigate, it silently observes how fast you drive compared to the posted speed limit. When you simulate a trip, it uses this information to adjust the simulated speed and determine an estimated arrival time. While you're simulating a trip, touch "Speed" on the map to view the Trip Computer page. Watch the simulated speed and mileage change as the Nuvi moves the avatar through the trip. Touch "Back" to return to the simulation view. Your arrival time may differ from a friend's arrival time on the exact same route based on your driving habits.


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