How to Hard Reset a Motorola Droid

by C. Taylor
A hard reset can fix system problems at the expense of your files.

A hard reset can fix system problems at the expense of your files.

Performing a hard reset on a Motorola Droid returns the device to factory default condition. That is, all personal data, apps and configurations will be deleted. The most common reason for performing a hard reset is when you decide to sell the Droid to get an updated model. For this scenario, using the software hard reset method is optimal. However, if your Droid system becomes inoperable, you may be unable to boot the device at all, so the software method obviously won't work. In this case, using a hardware reset will return the Droid to functional condition, even if your personal data is gone.

Software Hard Reset

Open the bottom "Applications Tray," indicated by an upward-pointing arrow.

Touch "Settings." If you do not see the Settings icon, it could be filtered out. Tap the "App Menu Filter" and select "All Apps."

Touch "Privacy," "Factory Data Reset" and "Reset Phone." Optionally, uncheck "Erase SD Card" if you want to keep data stored on your memory card.

Touch "Erase Everything" and wait several minutes for the reset process to complete.

Hardware Hard Reset

Power down your Droid, if it's not already off.

Press the "Power" button and "X" on the hardware keyboard simultaneously to launch the recovery screen.

Press "Volume Up" and the "Camera" key to display the recovery menu.

Choose "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" and then "Reboot Phone."


  • If you do not want your SD card erased during a Hard Reset, removing it from the phone prior to resetting the device will keep its data safe.

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