How to Increase Download Speed

by David Lipscomb

Your Internet download speed directly affects your browsing enjoyment. Even if you aren't actively downloading music or other data, the surfing process constantly exchanges data upstream and downstream. The faster this process occurs, the speedier your experience. Improving your download speed is accomplished through a few proven means, but first you should understand your current speed performance.

Run an online speed test to find your current average browsing speed. Make a note of the results as a baseline for future tweaks and improvements. If you want dramatically faster performance, you may need to contact your service provider to upgrade your tier.

Eliminate malware and viruses. Anti-virus programs remove these harmful programs, which slow your processing speeds in addition to causing security problems.

Switch from a wireless to a wired connection. Wireless connection speed typically hovers around 54 megabits per second, with appliances and other wireless hardware negatively affecting that figure. Wired connections lock in around 100 megabits per second and are far more secure.

Don't torrent or stream multimedia content while you attempt to work or game online. These processes are notorious system hogs and are better run overnight or while you are not attempting to use the Internet.

Update your router's firmware. Normally this entails entering "" into your browser and looking for a "Hardware Update" or similarly labeled option. Manufacturers and service providers offer these upgrades to increase router speed and efficiency, potentially improving your browsing experience.


  • Powerline adapters use AC power lines to get what would otherwise be wireless signals to remote locations in your home. Plug one in at the router and another at your intended location.

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