How to Increase Internal Phone Storage

by C.D. Crowder

If you get low storage or low memory errors when trying to install a new app or download a song, it's time to increase your internal phone storage. Every smartphone has a set amount of internal storage with many devices also supporting additional storage via microSD cards. Although you're stuck with your operating system and pre-installed apps (unless you take the risk of rooting your phone), you can remove excess clutter to clear up space for new apps and media.

Can the Apps

Apps are one of the main reasons people use smartphones. They can also be major space hogs. Take a moment to go through your list of installed apps and uninstall any you no longer use. If you notice any large apps, look for smaller replacements to save space. For instance, if you have a basic flashlight app that uses 5 MB, you could find an alternative that uses 1 MB or less. By cleaning up your apps, you increase space and remove unnecessary icons on your device.

Sweep Away Hidden Data

Many apps store data on your device to make the app run faster in the future. The cache for each app gradually grows if it isn't deleted. Some apps delete the cache on a regular basis, but others don't. Individual app caches can eat precious megabytes of space. You can clear the cache for each individual app via the application settings on your device or through an app designed to automatically clear caches. These apps don't erase any personal information, only non-vital files stored on your device via your installed apps.

Save Your Media While Saving Space

Apps aren't the only things that fill up your internal phone storage. All the photos, videos and music your store take up valuable space. If your device supports external storage, you can move most media files to a microSD card that stays in your phone. If external storage isn't an option, you can store any media files from your phone on your computer or to a cloud storage service. This will not only back up your media, but also free up space on your phone.

Say Goodbye to Old Texts

Looking back on old conversations might be fun, but those messages can add up quickly. The more text and multimedia messages you store on your phone, the sooner you might get low memory errors. Unless you absolutely need to keep your messages, delete them. To prevent having to delete numerous messages at once, clear out your texts at least once a week. You'll free up space and make it easier to find the texts you do want to keep.

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