How to Install Applications on Your iPhone or iPod Touch Through iTunes

by Benjamin Aries

The iPod Touch and the iPhone are two popular Apple products that use similar touchscreen technology. These devices allow users to interact using simple finger gestures and can be loaded with programs called "apps." Both free and paid apps can be downloaded using Apple's iTunes software on a computer. The apps can then be moved to an iPod Touch or iPhone using a transfer cable.

Launch the Apple iTunes software on the computer. Click the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences." Choose the "General" tab.

Ensure that the "Apps" check box is marked. If it is unchecked, click the corresponding box. Click "OK."

Select the "Applications" link located in the "Library" section of iTunes. Click "Get More Apps."

Choose an application or click "Search Store" to seek a specific app. Enter the name or description of the app and press "Enter" to show the search results. Click the app's name to reveal additional details. Press "Get App" to download it.

Connect the iPhone or iPod Touch to the computer using an Apple USB cable. The new applications should automatically synchronize onto the device.

Transfer the apps manually if iTunes does not sync automatically. Click the name of the iPhone or iPod Touch in the "Devices" section. Press the "Sync" button and wait for the files to transfer.


  • To download apps, you must be logged in to iTunes with an Apple ID and password. The software prompts you to enter these details when you purchase an app if you are not already logged in. To create a new Apple ID, click the "Store" menu and select "Create Account."

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