How to Install an Asus Driver

by Matt Skaggs

ASUS is a technology company with a broad range of products, from motherboards to PCs to GPS devices. If you have an ASUS computer or device, it's important to keep it updated to its most recent drivers, the software that a system uses to interact with its own hardware. ASUS provides several ways for you to get the drivers you need. You can install and use the ASUS Navigation Wizard, which finds the drivers automatically, or you can locate the drivers yourself in the Support section of its website.

Installation With the ASUS Navigation Wizard

Install the ASUS Navigation Wizard, which will locate the product drivers for your system. The wizard is available at the Navigation Wizard site (see Resources). If your browser immediately prompts you to install the wizard, allow the installation. Otherwise begin the installation by clicking the "Go" button. You won't need to locate a download location for the wizard. You don't need to do this with an Administrator account.

Enable ActiveX controls and allow the installation to run if your computer asks you. You'll need to click "Install" and "Yes" to the Security Warning if Internet Explorer prompts you. If you're using a browser other than Internet Explorer and you can't get the installation started, navigate with Internet Explorer to the ASUS Download Web page.

Visit the ASUS support site (see Resources). A box on the left with a circular icon on the left that states "ASUS Navigation Wizard" will appear. If you want to obtain drivers for a device rather than a component of your computer, you should connect the device to your computer before continuing.

Click the "ASUS Navigation Wizard" icon to begin the wizard, which will examine your system and determine which ASUS products you have. The wizard will take you to the webpage listing the associated software, which will include drivers and may include various ASUS utility programs. If the website prompts you for your operating system version, select the correct version from the drop-down menu.

Locate the driver you're looking for. You'll need to find it within the proper categories, such as "BIOS" and "Utilities." When you click a category, all drivers in that category will be displayed.

Click the Download link to begin downloading the driver. You can use the "Global" option if more than one option is displayed. You may need to type characters from an image into a text box for security reasons before you can initiate the download.

Open the ZIP file in a program like WinZip or WinRAR. Double-click each of the the registry entries you see. Enable Windows to install the appropriate files. If you're using Windows 7, you just need to double-click the ZIP file since Windows can extract the file for you.

Reset your system to ensure that the installation is finished.

Manual Installation

Find your product's model and series information. This information should be clearly written in the documents that came with your system and on the bar-code sticker on the box. If you don't have these documents, refer to ASUS's information about locating the model and series specifics (see Resources).

Locate your computer model in the support site (see Resources). Specify the type of product, the series and the model to find the section specific to your computer.

Click the "Search" button and wait for the Support site to display the relevant drivers for your system.

Locate the driver that you want to install. The site will display different driver categories, like "Chipset" or "Audio." Click the relevant category of drivers.

Click on the provided link to start downloading. If more than one download link appears on the page, you can just click on the "Global" link. The site may prompt you to fill in a text box with numbers and letters from an image for security reasons.

Open the downloaded file with a file compression program, such as WinRAR and Winzip. Double-click on the registry entry or entries displayed. If you're using Windows 7, you just need to double-click the ZIP file since Windows can extract the file for you. If prompted, enable your system to perform the driver installation.

Reset you computer.


  • You may be able to use "Windows Update" to automatically locate and install ASUS drivers for you.

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  • File compression program, such as WinZIP or WinRAR (optional)

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