How to Install the Garmin Dash Mount

by David Lipscomb

Garmin GPS units are commonly installed on windshields, using a suction lever. However, windshield mounts often obstruct your vision and, in some states, are illegal if mounted in the wrong spot. Garmin dash mounts avoid these issues through use of a stable padded platform, using an included Garmin suction mount.

Locate a flat surface on your dash. Select an intuitive spot close to existing gauges or your radio.

Clean the dash location thoroughly with an alcohol pad. Allow a few seconds for the alcohol to dry.

Leave the dash mount in your selected location. Remove the backing from the included safety hook. Press the hook in place on the dash, aligned with the loop on the back on the mount. Hold the anchor for 30 seconds, or leave in place for 24 hours at 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peel the protective film from the flat mounting platform on the dash mount. Press the suction bracket onto this platform, ball facing out.

Press the lever on the bracket downward towards the dash, adhering the bracket to the mount.


  • Never mount anything over an airbag panel on the dash. Serious injury or death can occur from an object propelled by the force of a deploying airbag.
  • Remember any device not permanently affixed to the vehicle may fly off during a collision.

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