How to Install a Gigaware Webcam on an HP with Windows 8

by Jeff Grundy
Compatibility Mode lets you install XP, Vista and Windows 7 applications in Windows 8.

Compatibility Mode lets you install XP, Vista and Windows 7 applications in Windows 8.

Gigaware is a subsidiary of Radio Shack that produces computer peripherals. One of the products sold previously under the Gigaware brand is an entry-level USB webcam made for Windows XP. If you have an HP system with Windows 8, you do not a driver to use the camera's basic features. However, if you want to use advanced features of the camera, such as snapshots and resolution enhancement, you must install the Gigaware webcam utilities application. Because no updated version of the utility exists, you must use a workaround to install the XP version on a HP Windows 8 system.

Connect the Gigaware webcam to an empty USB port on the computer. Wait a few seconds for Windows 8 to detect the camera can initialize it automatically.

Insert the installation disc for the Gigaware webcam into the optical drive of the computer. If the AutoPlay window opens, close it.

Press "Windows-E" to open File Explorer. Click "Computer" in the navigation pane to view all of the drives installed in the computer.

Right-click the drive letter for the CD/DVD drive, then click "Open" on the pop-up menu. Right-click the "Setup.exe" file and click "Troubleshoot Compatibility." Wait a few seconds for the Compatibility Troubleshooter to scan the file and find solutions to make the file compatible with Windows 8.

Click "Try Recommended Settings" in the Select Troubleshooting Options window.

Click the "Test the Program" button to launch the setup wizard for the Gigaware webcam utility. Accept the license agreement, then follow the prompts to install the application on the computer. Click "Finish" to close the setup wizard after installing the utility successfully.

Click "Next" in the Test Compatibility Settings for the Program window, then click "Cancel."

Click "Local Disk (C:)" in the File Explorer navigation pane, then navigate to the "Program Files\Gigaware" folder.

Right-click the "Gigaware.exe" file, then click "Troubleshoot Compatibility." Click the "Try Recommended Settings" link when prompted, then click "Test the Program." The Gigaware utility opens normally.

Click "Next" in the Test Compatibility Settings for the Program window, and then click "Yes, save these settings for this program." Click "Close" in the Troubleshoot Has Completed window. Windows saves the compatibility settings so you can run the Gigaware utility application without errors.


  • You can launch the Gigaware utility by pressing "Windows-D" to view the Windows Desktop, then clicking the "Gigaware Webcam" icon.
  • If you want to set compatibility options for the Gigaware utility application manually, start by clicking "Troubleshoot Program" in the Select Troubleshooting Options window. Enable the option labeled "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now," then click "Next." Select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" in the next window and click "Next" again. Click "Test the Program" to open the application, then click "Next" and save the settings.


  • Radio Shack does not stock replacement media for the Gigaware webcam utility software, nor do they offer the utility as a download on their website. Consequently, if you lose the installation CD, you cannot obtain a replacement from Radio Shack directly.

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