How to Install a Google App on an Android Mobile from a PC

by Jaime Avelar

Typically you would use your mobile phone to connect directly to the Android marketplace and install a new application. But if you don't heave Internet service on your Android phone you can use your PC to download an application and install it directly to your phone.

Use the latest synchronization software available for your Android mobile phone. For an HTC Android phone download HTC Sync and install on your PC (see "Resources"). Connect your Android mobile phone to your PC using the USB cable provided.

Navigate to "" with your Web browser and log in with the same Gmail account ID you use to login into the Android marketplace on your mobile phone. Find the application you want to install and click "Install" to start the "Android Market" dialog Window.

Click "INSTALL" and you will see a message that says "This app will be downloaded to your device shortly." The application will be downloaded and installed into to your Android mobile phone.

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