How to Install the SD Card on the LG Vu

by Aramenta Waithe

The LG Vu is a touch-screen mobile phone with a 3-inch screen and multimedia features, such as a camera and built-in media player. If you own the LG Vu and carry it everywhere, you might decide that you would like to add some of your music and videos for entertainment on the go. For owners who love multimedia, the LG Vu has an internal slot for a microSD card. Use this slot to install a memory card and expand the storage room on your phone.

Save any files that you have open, and hold the "Power" button in the lower-right corner of the LG Vu to turn the phone off.

Turn the LG Vu face-down and slide the battery cover down to remove it from the phone and expose the battery compartment.

Lift the battery up from the bottom edge to remove it from the LG Vu. In the top-right corner of the battery compartment, you should be able to see the bottom edge of your subscriber identity module, or SIM, card. The SIM card stores your identifying information as a customer of your phone carrier. The SIM slot is directly above the memory card slot.

Insert the microSD card into the slot under the SIM card, with the card's gold contacts facing down.

Replace the battery and bottom cover of the LG Vu, and turn the phone back on.


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