iPhone 4S & Accessories

by Spanner Spencer

The iPhone 4S is Apple's fifth generation of its touch screen-operated smartphone hardware. Featuring multiple wireless connectivity options, the iPhone offers different forms of cellular and Internet-based communication and allows you to browse the Web while out and about. A wide range of games and applications make the iPhone useful for portable computing, navigation, multimedia entertainment and lifestyle management.

iPhone 4S Upgrades

The iPhone 4S features several upgrades over the previous model, but, the digital cameras and voice control are the primary differences. The iPhone 4S has an 8-megapixel, rear-facing camera that records video at a 1080p resolution up to 30 frames per second, as well as a front-facing camera for VGA quality photos and video. At the time of publication, the iPhone 4S is the only iPhone model to feature an embedded voice control and recognition app known as Siri, which allows you to control the device using verbal commands. Siri also provides requested information such as weather forecasts, Internet searches, location data and more, entirely through digitized speech and voice recognition.

Car Accessories

Charging the iPhone 4S while in the car through a USB power adapter is useful when employing the device for GPS navigation. Many satellite navigation apps are available for the iPhone including some with live traffic information. However, this function depletes the iPhone's battery quickly, so a car dock or cable keeps the device powered while traveling. The iPhone 4S has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity built-in, allowing you to connect it wirelessly to hands-free headsets, car stereos or receivers so you can safely make and receive calls while driving.

Handset Protection

The iPhone 4S has a glass touch screen, so protecting the device with a case is a good idea. Rubberized cases provide excellent shock absorption while protecting the metallic rear and sides. These cases also provide personalization options and style that individualize your iPhone 4S. An inexpensive, self-adhesive transparent screen protector reduces the risk of scratching the display's glass while still allowing the touch screen to operate. Screen protectors are also available with a mirrored effect or glare-reduction properties.

Other Accessories

The iPhone 4S can be charged from any standard USB port using the supplied USB cable and power adapter. However, different USB adapters are required for charging from power outlets in different countries. A travel charger provides you with different USB adapter options for each region, so you can keep your device charged wherever you go. The iPhone earphones have a built-in microphone and remote control to provide hands-free calling, music playback and voice control without having to expose your iPhone 4S handset, which is safe and practical while out and about.

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