iPhone Water Damage Help

by David Lipscomb

You take your iPhone everywhere because it serves as your music and portable movie player as well as your primary communications device. The more places you take it, the greater the risk the phone will end up in a puddle, sink or pool someday. Should this happen, quick action is often the difference between a functioning iPhone and a stylish paperweight.

Don't Panic

Remove the iPhone from the liquid as quickly as possible. Turn off the unit by pressing the "Sleep/Wake" button until the "Slide to Power Off" switch appears. Remove any connected peripherals, such as headphones, SIM cards or dock cables. Pull off any protective cases. Dry the unit with clean towel.

Wicking Moisture

Place the iPhone is an airtight plastic container or bag. Immerse the device in dry rice, silica gel packets or kitty litter. Leave the unit buried for at least 48 hours. At no time during this period should you attempt to turn on the unit. Kits are available online for drying off portable electronics. The key is the speed with which you get the unit into the desiccant and how long you leave it.

What Not to Do

Never shake or tilt the unit while attempting to extract moisture. Doing so only serves to drive the liquid further into the unit. Do not use direct sources of heat, such as hair dryers, heat guns or ovens. Although these devices will dry out the iPhone, they will also most likely melt or degrade any plastic or adhesives used in the construction of the unit. Direct sunlight under a window is also ill-advised. Don't try to open the device to remove water unless you have the proper training and tools. You might cause more damage than you solve.

If All Else Fails

If your best efforts at drying the iPhone fail, take the device to an Apple Store for examination. Options include repair of the unit or replacement at a reduced price. Remember that each iPhone includes moisture indicators located at the base of the headphone jack and dock connectors. These reveal to a technician the presence of water or other liquids. Be upfront about the incident with the Genius rep so she can help you in the most appropriate manner. Moisture damage is not covered by Apple's product warranty.


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