How to Join Yahoo! Messenger Chat

by Morgan O'Connor

Yahoo! offers its own instant messenger program that allows you to chat with other Yahoo! Messenger users. The Yahoo! Voice feature lets you talk to everyone else by placing or receiving phone calls through your computer. Either of these options works when you want to chat with one person you already know, but if you wish to talk to several at once or make new friends, try exploring Yahoo! Messenger's chat rooms. As of March 2011, you cannot create your own chat room. You can, however, join one of the existing chat rooms on any of a variety of subjects.

Open Yahoo! Messenger and sign in to your account if you have not already done so.

Click on the "Messenger" menu at the top of Yahoo! Messenger to open a drop-down list of options. Hover your cursor over "Yahoo! Chat," then click "Join a Room" to open a new window.

Click on one of the broad categories in the left pane of the new window. Select a specific room within that category from the right pane of the new window, then click "Go to Room" to open a new window with a section displaying several random characters.

Enter the characters shown into the box provided, then click "Submit" to enter the chat room.

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