Journals for the iPad

by David Nield

With its slim, portable design and straightforward interface the iPad is a perfect device for keeping a journal. You can take it almost anywhere. Use it perched on a sofa, walking along a scenic path -- anyplace where you like to collect your thoughts. It's no surprise that the App Store includes several dedicated journal apps fully optimized for the iPad device.

Moleskine Journal

The classic moleskin notebook look is brought into the digital realm with the free Moleskine Journal app, offering image import, different paper selections and sharing via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can use a paintbrush, pen, pencil and highlighter to create your journal entries, as well as sync to Evernote and Dropbox.

Private Journal

Private Journal provides a free, simple and accessible interface for recording your life and times. It's possible to load in photos, music and stickers alongside the text you've written for each day, and you can also bookmark particular entries. A passcode can be used to gain entry to the journal for additional protection.

My Daily Journal

My Daily Journal is a paid app that enables you to give each journal entry its own color scheme and tone thanks to the custom textures and fonts included in the app. Entries can be tagged with categories for easier reference and shared via Twitter when required. The app also includes automatic saving and a PDF-export feature.

Day One

Day One enables you to create several entries each day, optionally accompanied by a location, weather update and set of photos. The app supports tagging, search and automatic backups to either iCloud or Dropbox. From the front page you can browse through your previous entries based on date, photo or tag.


The look of iJournaler is based around the traditional leather notebook and this paid app includes features such as font size control, integrated search and auto correct. Pages appear to turn just as they would with a real journal, and you can use a password to protect access to your writings as well as export entries through email attachments.

Chronicle for iPad

Bring together ideas and the stories of each day with Chronicle for iPad. This paid app enables you to export your journal for reading on a computer and can also back up your entries to Dropbox. Add images, customize layouts and fonts as required, or even export your entire journal as a website for other people to read through.

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