What Is Juno Preloader?

by Dan Wonder

Juno Preloader is software that gets on PCs with a subscription to Juno Internet service. The software has never garnered a reputation for being harmful or intrusive to computers. However, some users might not have the need for Juno Preloader and elect to remove it. Most users remove the software less than a month after installation.


The developer of Juno Preloader is Juno Online Services, Inc., which is a United States-based Internet service provider. Juno offers two types of Internet service: dial-up and broadband. Signing up for a Juno Internet plan triggers the automatic download of the Preloader, which gets the customer started with the subscription.


Because Juno Preloader does not alter computer settings, adversely affect the computer's overall performance, or gather private information or sensitive data, it is not malware. It also escapes the adware label, since it does not turn Web page text to ads for generating revenue for Juno. Despite its virtually harmless nature, users might just want to get rid of Juno Preloader to relieve hard disk space of redundant data.

Manual Uninstallation

To manually uninstall Juno Preloader, right-click the screen's lower-left corner and click "Control Panel." Look under the "Programs" category to click the uninstall option. When you locate Juno Preloader in the list of programs, click the option to uninstall.

Automatic Uninstallation

Users can choose to uninstall Juno Preloader without the need to follow Windows prompts. "Should I Remove It?" -- a program designed for purging hard disk drive clutter -- offers a free self-titled application to automatically remove software like Juno Preloader.

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