How to Listen to Music Through Your Bluetooth From Your iPhone

by Kammy Pow

The iPhone can connect wirelessly to headphones, headsets, keyboards and other devices using the built-in Bluetooth adapter. To use a Bluetooth-enabled headset or headphones to listen to music or accept calls, Bluetooth connectivity must be set to "On" on the iPhone and the headphones must be paired to the iPhone. By default, the setting for Bluetooth is switched to "On," but users can easily disable it to conserve the iPhone's battery power.

Tap the "Settings" icon on iPhone.

Tap "General" and then select "Bluetooth."

Slide the switch to "On" in the Bluetooth screen. The iPhone will begin searching for Bluetooth-enabled devices. Once the iPhone discovers your headphones, it will appear on the device list. Select it and enter the passkey or PIN when prompted. The passkey or PIN is available in the device documentation. Once pairing completes, you can begin using your headphones.

Press the "Home" button to return to the home screen.

Tap the "Music" icon on the iPhone. To download additional music apps from the App Store, tap on the "App Store" icon and enter the keyword "music" in the search tool. Some of the more popular and free streaming music apps include Pandora, Spotify and Radio. Tap the icon to go to the download and installation page, tap "Free" and then "Install App."

Select a song or playlist to play from your music application and begin listening to music.


  • The "B" icon in the status bar at the top of the iPhone screen tells you whether your Bluetooth devices are active or not. A blue or white "B" indicates that the Bluetooth-enabled devices are connected and on. A gray "B" means the adapter is on, but the connection has been turned off. A black "B" means the adapter is functioning, but no devices have paired to it. The absence of a "B" signals that no devices are paired to the iPhone.


  • Turn off your Bluetooth devices to extend the battery life of the iPhone. When the Bluetooth adapter is on and paired with a device, the iPhone will continually search for that Bluetooth-enabled device. Return to Settings and toggle the switch to "Off."
  • Although multiple devices can be paired to the iPhone, only one Bluetooth device will be active at one time.

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