How To Locate the GPS on Verizon Phones

by Marissa Robert

Verizon carries many popular smartphones that include GPS, including iPhones, Windows Phones, BlackBerry phones and Android phones. You might want to disable GPS to save your battery and re-enable it when you use your map app to get directions. All these different phones have different settings for enabling and disabling the GPS signal.

Android Phones

Tap the "Settings" button on the screen of your Android phone.

Tap "Location & Compass." Check the "Enable GPS Satellites" box. You can also check the "Use wireless networks" and "Enable assisted GPS" boxes for more location options and better service. You do not have to send any location information to Google to use these options.

Launch an app that uses GPS to locate you. On Android, these include the Maps app and Navigate. There are also several third-party apps in the Google Play store that use location services.

Apple iPhones

Tap your Settings app icon and tap "Privacy."

Tap "Location Services" and slide the bar so it reads "On." Choose which apps you want to have access to your location and slide those bars to read "On." If there are specific apps you do not want to use your location, make sure those read "Off."

Tap the "Back" arrow to exit your Settings app. Tap your Maps app to launch it and use the GPS on your phone.

BlackBerry Smartphones

Click the "Options" icon and click "Device" and "Location Settings."

Tap the "Location Services" field so it reads "Location On." Click the "Menu" button and tap "Save." On the Location Services screen, you can also see your longitude and latitude once you have a GPS lock on your smartphone.

Launch your BlackBerry Maps app to find your GPS location.

Windows Smartphone

Tap your Start button and tap "Settings."

Tap "More," and then tap "More" a second time. Tap "Phone Settings."

Select "Network" and change the GPS setting to "Location On." Tap "Done."

Launch your Windows maps app and tap the icon of the GPS signal (the circle inside another circle) to find your location.

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