How to Make an iPhone Vibrate When You Get a Facebook Notification

by Kefa Olang

Using the Facebook for iPhone app, you can customize the type of Facebook notifications to receive, and make your iPhone vibrate instead of playing a ringer when you receive a notification such as a new message, or an image or status comment. This customization can be beneficial in a variety of scenarios, especially if you're in a situation where an audible tone notification would be intrusive or rude.

Touch "Safari" from your iPhone's home screen if you don't have the default Facebook app. Enter "" (without quotes) in the address bar and touch the "Go" button on the keyboard to launch the Facebook Mobile page.

Touch the "Get Facebook for iPhone and browse faster" button. The App Store automatically opens and displays the Facebook for iPhone app. Touch the "Free" button and touch "Install." If prompted, enter your Apple ID password to install the Facebook app.

Touch the "Facebook" app from the home screen when the installation completes, enter your email address and password and touch "Log In" to sign in to your Facebook account.

Touch the menu button in the upper left corner, scroll down the list of options and touch "Account Settings." Touch "Notifications" to view your Facebook notification settings. Touch the content you want to receive notifications for. A check mark appears next to each selected option. Clear the check box next to the content you don't want to receive notifications for. Click the back button, touch the menu button again and then touch "News Feed" to return to the main screen.

Touch the "Settings" icon on your iPhone's home screen and touch "Notifications." Scroll down the list and touch "Facebook."

Touch the "Off" button in the "Notification Center." The button automatically changes to "ON." Touch "Show" and select the number of Facebook notifications to recieve.

Select a notification alert style. Select any other additional notification options to use and then touch the "Notifications" button.

Touch the "Settings" button to return to the main Settings screen and touch "Sounds." Scroll down the list and touch "Facebook post." Touch "Vibration" and touch the type of vibration alert style to use. Touch the "Facebook Post" button to return to the previous screen, and then touch "None" from the "Alert Tones" section if you want the phone to vibrate only when you receive a Facebook notification.

Move the iPhone ringer switch on the top left side of the phone to turn on vibration mode (indicated by red). Anytime you receive a Facebook notification, the iPhone will vibrate.

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