How to Make My Motorola Bluetooth Connect

by Amy McClain

Motorola makes a wide variety of Bluetooth wireless headsets, compatible with Bluetooth-enabled phones that support a hands-free profile. Connecting your Motorola Bluetooth is a two-step process. First, you'll need to pair your phone and headset, a one time set up process that allows the devices to recognize one another when in range. Connecting after pairing is easy to do and only takes a few seconds. Charge your headset fully before attempting to pair; most Motorola headsets should be connected to the charger until the indicator light changes from red to green.

Pairing Your Headset

Disconnect your headset from the charger and keep it powered off.

Power on the device you wish to pair with your headset. Open the "Settings" or "Tools" menu and select "Bluetooth." Select the "Power" settings and choose "On."

Press and hold the center "Call Control" button for approximately 6 to 10 seconds. Release the button when the indicator light remains steadily lit in blue. This indicates the headset is in pairing mode. For headsets with a folding boom microphone, flip open the microphone to activate pairing mode. The indicator light will turn blue momentarily.

Open your phone's Bluetooth settings and choose "Look for Devices" or "Add New." Wait as your phone attempts to locate the headset. For best results, the two devices should be within a few feet of one another.

Select the name of your headset from the list of discovered devices and press "Pair." Enter "0000" when prompted to enter a passkey and press "OK." A "Pairing Successful" message will display and the headset's indicator light will flash in blue. The devices are connected and ready for use.

Connecting After Pairing

Power on your phone's Bluetooth and ensure it is within range --- no more than 33 feet --- of your headset.

Press the heasdet's "Power" or "Call Control" button for about two to three seconds, or open the boom microphone to turn it on.

Choose "Yes" when your phone asks you if you want to connect to the headset. Some devices connect automatically when a trusted device is in range. In this instance, you will not need to confirm the desire to connect.

Power the headset off to disconnect and re-route call audio to your phone.


  • Most headsets get approximately eight hours of talk time. If you have difficulty connecting, try recharging your headset. Low battery is typically indicated by a red light or low beeping sound.

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