How to Make Photo Albums on an iPod Touch

by Ken Burnside

The pioneering iPod Touch was Apple's first media consumption device. Many people still use it as a music player, video player and photo album. The iPod Touch makes it easy to manage your photos by organizing them into albums. At one time, you could create albums only using iTunes on your computer. Now you can make albums directly on the iPod Touch.

On the iPod

Tap the "Photos" icon on the home screen to launch the Photo Album.

Tap on the "Edit" menu, then select "Add." Type a name for the new album and tap "Save."

Add photos to the new album by clicking on any other album and tapping the photos you want to add. Tap "Done."

Tap the new album's name in the album list. Press the "Action" icon and select "Add" from the menu to add additional photos to the album at any time.

Tap the thumbnails of photos to put into the new album.

Tap "Done."

Repeat this process to create as many new albums as you want.

Using iTunes

Navigate to the folder on your computer that you use to synchronize photos to your iPod Touch.

Create subfolders within that folder and name the folders by topic.

Move photos to the desired folders.

Plug in your iPod to the computer via the USB cable. Select it under Devices in iTunes and select the folders to sync with the iPod Touch in the "Photos" tab. This process creates additional photo albums on your iPod mirroring the folders you created.

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