How to Make a Voice Recording on Mac

by Benjamin Aries

A voice recording is a personal way to connect with an audience. Whether the recorded sound is a song, discussion or interview, this form of multimedia allows creative people to share their thoughts and talents with the world. In the past, expensive hardware and specialized equipment was required to record quality sound. Today, a Mac computer makes this process simple. Several simple software programs can be used to create audio recordings on an Apple computer.

Using Garageband

Launch the Garageband software. This application was released by Apple in 2004 and can be used to capture and edit audio recordings. Most versions of Mac's OS X operating system include this program as part of the "iLife" software suite. Ensure that a microphone is connected to the Mac's "audio in" jack, and choose Garageband from the "Applications" folder.

Click "Create New Music Project," and enter a name for the project. From the "Track" menu, click "New Track." Select "Real Instrument Track." Adjust the recording level slider to the desired level. Alternately, check the "Automatic Level Control" box to adjust the recording level so feedback is automatically prevented.

Adjust the playhead control to the location on the track where you would like to record the audio. Press the red "Record" button, and speak or sing into the microphone. Press the square "Stop" button to end the recording. The audio will appear on the track timeline. Select "File" and "Save" to save the track on the computer.

Using Audacity

Open the Audacity program. This software is a sound program similar to Garageband and is widely available. Audacity is free and open source, which means it can be used or adapted without restrictions.

Connect a microphone to the computer. Select "Edit," and click "Preferences." For best results, set the "Audio I/O" option to "Recording Channels Mono 1." Set "Quality" to "Default Sample Rate 22050 Hz." Press "OK."

Press the red "Record" button. Speak or sing into the microphone, and press the yellow "Stop" button when finished.

Select the "File" menu, and click "Export As." Select an audio format and name for the recording. Click "Save."

Using Audio Hijack Pro

Use the Audio Hijack Pro app to record voice from any audio source, such as an iChat or Skype phone call. Download the free version of Audio Hijack Pro from the publisher's website or from Apple's online app store. A link is included in the "Resources" section of this article.

Select the desired audio source on the left side of the app. Choose "Default System Input" to record voice from a microphone connected to the computer's line-in jack. Click one of the listed programs, such as iChat, to record voice from that application. Press the "Hijack" button.

Click the "Recording" tab. Select the "Save recordings as" field, and press "Select." Choose a computer location to store the voice recordings.

Press "Record" to begin recording voice. Audio Hijack Pro will capture the audio from the chosen source. To record from a voice call, initiate the Skype or iChat call normally. The app will record both sides of the conversation. Press the "Record" button again to finish. The audio will automatically save.


  • Use an external microphone when possible. This will provide better audio quality than a built-in computer microphone. An external mic should be connected the "audio in" jack of the Mac. For best results, use a quality microphone that has a foam cover. This will help reduce unwanted noise from wind, breathing or other nearby sources.

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