How to Make an Xbox Play From a DVD-ROM Drive

by Jim Campbell

Your Xbox connects to any Windows computer that has shared media set up, including media from a DVD-ROM drive. This lets you stream music or videos from your computer's DVD-ROM drive on the Xbox. Windows Media Player, which comes with each Windows operating system version, lets you share your media across the entire network. Media Player shares the DVD disc and broadcasts your music on wireless or hardwired Xboxes.

Insert the DVD disc in the drive. Click the Windows "Start" button and select "All Programs." Click "Windows Media Player" to open the software.

Click the arrow next to the "Library" tab. Click "Media Sharing." Check the box labeled "Share my media." A list of devices to share with is shown. Check the box labeled "Xbox." Click the "Allow" button next to the Xbox permissions. Click "OK" to save your settings.

Select "Media" from the main window on your Xbox. Choose "Music" if the DVD is a music disc. Choose "Videos" if the DVD is a video.

Choose "Computer" from the list of media sources in the Xbox window. Choose "Yes" to confirm that you want to see a list of computer videos or music. Select your computer's name that contains your DVD disc.

Choose the video or music file on the DVD you want to play, then select "Play" in the Xbox window. The music or video plays on the screen.

Items you will need

  • DVD music or video disc

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