How to Make a YouTube Video From DVD Clips

by Robert Schrader

YouTube is a website which allows you to upload video files to the Internet for yourself and other users to enjoy. The premise of YouTube is that users upload either videos of themselves or videos that they've personally taken. Uploading a video clip from a DVD to YouTube is also possible, although you must make sure prior to doing so that its content isn't copyright-restricted.

Transfer the video files you'd like to upload off your DVD and onto your computer by "ripping" them. Insert your DVD disc into your DVD drive, wait about 10 seconds, then click "Open Folder to View Files." Hold down the "Ctrl" key and click the names of all the clips that you'd like to rip, then drag them onto your desktop. Wait a few moments -- the specific amount of time will vary, depending both on your computer and the size of the clips -- until the dialog box showing the transfer progress disappears.

Convert the DVD video clip to a YouTube-supported format, such as ".avi" or a QuickTime ".mov" file. Download and install a free conversion software -- "BitRipper," "OjoSoft" and "BoilSoft" are three examples. Open your DVD clip in the program, select ".avi" or ".mov" from the list of available formats, then click "Convert" and wait a few moments for the conversion to complete.

Upload the video to YouTube as you would any other video. Point your web browser to YouTube, click "Upload Video," browse your hard drive for your video, then click "Open" to begin uploading.


  • Do not upload commercial or copyrighted content to YouTube. In addition to being in violation of the site's terms and conditions, doing so could get you into trouble with the authorities. When in doubt, don't upload in the first place.

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