Moving Audio Books From Music to Book Folder on iPod

by David Lipscomb

As many have discovered, Apple's iTunes is good for more than just music playback. For those constantly on the go, listening to audiobooks through iTunes or on your Apple portable device is a good way to catch up on that latest novel. Should you encounter an audio book that is formatted like a conventional MP3 music file and has been mistakenly placed in your iPod Touch's Music folder you can put those files in the Book folder to allow the audio book to play back properly.

Locate the files or folder within iTunes, on your computer or on a CD or other media. Drag the files into iTunes.

Find the imported files by entering the title, author or other relevant keyword unique to the files in the "Search" bar at the upper right of the iTunes screen.

Hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard while clicking on the last file in the newly-imported list. Note that all of the files in the list are highlighted in blue.

Right-click anywhere on the highlighted list. Choose "Get Info" from the pop-up window.

In the "Multiple Item Information" window that appears, click on the "Media Kind" arrow. Choose "Audiobook."

Click on the "Remember Position" arrow within the "Multiple Item Information" window. Choose "Yes" from the resulting choices. Doing so remembers your chapter location when listening to the audio book.

Click on the "Skip When Shuffling" box while in the "Multiple Item Information" window. This keeps chapter playback in sequence.

Edit chapter numbers so that chapters one through nine have a "0" prefix. For example, chapter one will appear as "01," chapter two as "02" and so on. This prevents chapter three from being inserted immediately prior to chapter 30, for instance. Double-click the chapter number to show the edit field and then enter the proper numbers.

Click on the "Info" tab at the top of the "Multiple Item Information" window. Enter the title, author, date published and any other data you wish to catalog the book as you require.

Open up a Web browser on your computer. Enter the book's title into your chosen search engine. Look for images of the book's cover. Drag the image of the cover into the "Artwork" field in the "Multiple Item Information" window and click "OK" to exit.

Click the "Edit" tab at the top of iTunes. Click on "Preferences" Click the "General" icon at the upper left of the new window. Check off the "Books" option and click "OK" to save and exit.

Click on the "Books" option in the "Library" list to view your newly added audio book.


  • You can change equalizer options to enhance intelligibility of spoken dialogue. Under the "Multiple Item Information" window, click "Options" and then "Equalizer Preset." Listen to a few pieces from the book while choosing between EQ options to find the right sound.


  • Make sure to enter a specific title into the "Search" bar prior to batch-editing an audio book. If you fail to do this, you may combine multiple books into one.

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