How to Open a Camera's SD Card

by Marissa Robert

When you take pictures on a digital camera, those pictures are stored on an SD card. Whether your computer has an SD card reader built in, or you have to use a USB SD card reader, you can import photos from your camera to your computer and save them on your computer as well. From your computer, you can upload them online to show others or store them externally so if you lose your camera or the SD card somehow becomes corrupted, your pictures are still available to you. Your SD card simply pops out of your camera.

Remove the SD card from your camera. Sometimes it is in a slot without a cover, but it may have a cover over it. Either way, there is a picture of the SD card on the plastic next to it or on the cover over it. Use a fingernail to open the cover if it has one. Gently press the SD card in and let go so it ejects part of the way. Pinch the SD card and remove it from the slot.

Slide the SD card into the reader until you hear it click. It only fits into the reader in one direction. If you are using a USB reader, plug it into an open USB port on your computer.

Click either "Import Photos and Videos" or "Open Folder to View Files" when the Windows dialogue box comes up indicating the SD card and its drive letter. The SD card also shows up in the list of available storage under "Computer" on the Start menu.

Double-click folders in the SD card to open them and double-click photo files to view them.


  • Click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray to unmount the SD card from your computer and push the SD card in and let it go to eject it from the reader. Then slide it back into the slot on your camera and press it in until it clicks. It only fits in one direction.

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