How to Find out How Many Hours You've Been on Facebook

by Shea Laverty

With a myriad of game apps, news and friends to keep up with, Facebook can easily become a time-consuming pastime. Whether you're merely curious about your time spent on Facebook or looking for a reality check about otherwise productive time wasted, you'll need some additional tools to track your time on Facebook: Facebook Counter or Facebook Runner. Only Facebook Runner is available for more platforms than Google Chrome, making it the tool of choice if you run Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Facebook Counter

Launch Google Chrome and navigate to the Facebook Counter page from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Click the "Details" tab, followed by the "Add to Chrome" button.

Click "Add" when prompted by the dialog.

Navigate to Facebook to test the add-on. If it is functional, a bubble will appear in the top-right section of your screen informing you of time spent on Facebook. If the bubble doesn't appear, close and re-launch Chrome and try Facebook again.

Facebook Runner

Navigate to the Facebook Runner page (linked in References).

Click the download link for your Web browser -- there are links for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple's Safari.

Click "Download" from the resulting Softpedia page.

Select a download mirror close to your region.

Download the add-on and install it using your browser's installation instructions. Detailed instructions are linked below in Resources.


  • You can also track the time spent on these websites with a stopwatch, stopwatch add-on, countdown timer add-on or other time-keeping device. This will require more effort and diligence on your part to be effective.

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