How to Play an AV Out of the Headphone Port on an iPod Touch

by David Lipscomb

The Apple iPod Touch's ability to play music and video files makes it a convenient way to tote multimedia files from place to place. There may come a time when you do not want to be limited solely to sound from the small, integrated speakers or a set of headphones. In that case, sending high-quality audio from the iPod Touch to an audio/video receiver from the headphone jack is a simple and quick option.

Locate the iPod Touch's headphone jack at the top of the unit. Slide the 3.5-millimeter plug from the cable into this jack.

Find a set of open red and white RCA stereo audio jacks on the A/V receiver you wish to use. Insert the matching plugs on the audio cable into these jacks, applying a slight clockwise twisting motion.

Press the "Home" button under the screen of the iPod Touch. Slide the "Unlock" slider to the right to activate the device.

Tap the "Music" icon on your iPod Touch's screen.

Locate the music you want to play under the "Playlists," "Songs" or another folder at the bottom of the screen.

Turn on the A/V receiver. Turn the volume all the way down.

Tap the title of the song you wish to play on the iPod Touch's screen. Press the upper volume button until the volume indicator on the screen reaches the midway point.

Slowly adjust the receiver's volume until your listening level reaches a comfortable point.


  • If you want to view video from the iPod Touch, you need one of the optional A/V cables that attaches to the dock connector on the bottom of the unit. Options include a standard A/V cable, VGA cable or component video cable.
  • You can also play music from one of the many Internet streaming radio stations, using the iPod Touch's Wi-Fi connection capabilities.
  • You can connect the sound from an iPod Touch to TV speakers in the same manner by finding a spare set of audio connections on the back of the set.

Items you will need

  • 3.5 millimeter to RCA stereo cable


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